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Glow Worms on the Gold Coast

Glow Worms can be found in a select few places in the Gold Coast Hinterland, but the only place to see them during the daytime on the Gold Coast is at the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves. Otherwise, it is possible to see them at nighttime in a few National Parks, but these sightings are very weather and seasonal-dependent. Because our cave was designed as a conservation program to protect glow worms, our glow worms are visible all year round, during the daytime! We don't allow bright lights in with the Glow Worms, so the glow worms won't be hiding during our tours. Unfortunately, glow worms in the wild are declining because most people at Natural Bridge or other wild sites don't realise that their torch or camera flash is scaring the glow worms, so busy tourist periods are not good times to visit wild glow worms.

Natural Bridge or Mt Tamborine Glow Worm Caves?

People sometimes ask "Where should I see glow worms when visiting the Gold Coast?". We would answer "It depends on what sort of experience you're looking for". There is a real charm to seeing any wildlife in its natural habitat, and the Natural Bridge Circuit is one place to do this. However, there are other factors to consider. Below we've put together a table of information about both locations to help you make an informed decision when planning your glow worm viewing experience:

 Mt Tamborine Glow Worm CavesNatural Bridge
Cost Yes (see admission costs) Around $150 for a guided tour, otherwise open free to the public (weather dependent) but without any commentary.
Operating Hours 10am - 4pm After dark only
Access 2-minute walk with two steps, paved pathway with handrails and even ground, suitable for visitors of all ages 1km return bushwalk circuit with long sets of stairs, not suitable for young children or anyone not confident traversing uneven ground in the dark
Guided Educational Tours Access is only through guided tours to protect our glow worms. We're also the cheapest Glow Worm Tour in the world! Around $150 for a guided tour which drives you out to the site, otherwise open to the public but not without guides
Seasonal Display Variations All-Year Round Best viewed in warmer months, Unfortunately, during busy periods many glow worms will be hiding from the bright lights of tourists and all the commotion, so not ideal to visit during any popular holiday period. 
Conservation Our glow worms are part of a conservation program to protect our local species. Visiting helps support our initiative to educate people about glow worms and prevent damage to wild glow worms by encouraging people to visit a natural site. Our site is also a breeding program to create a backup population of our native Arachnocampa flava glow worms to prevent their extinction. Unfortunately, tourism in natural parks can be highly disruptive for wild glow worms. Bright artificial lights from people's phones and cameras can make glow worms stop glowing (and stop eating!), and litter and pollution from groups are a threat to rainforest wildlife. Depending on the number of people (and amount of people breaking the rules and touching/shining bright lights), the number of glow worms you will see in national parks will vary drastically.
Attractions Nearby The Glow Worm Caves are located on the grounds of the Cedar Creek Estate Winery, on Tamborine Mountain, with plenty of bushwalks, shops, and cafes nearby. Springbrook National Park 2.4 km away, however, please note Springbrook area does not have restaurants, so pack food for yourself. 



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