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About Our Glow Worm Experience

The Glow Worm Caves on Tamborine Mountain are a must-visit attraction, providing a captivating experience for visitors of all ages. These caves serve as a sanctuary for glow worms, offering them protection from threats in their natural habitat.

A Collaborative Vision 

Originally conceived on the grounds of Cedar Creek Winery, the Glow Worm Caves emerged from a visionary collaboration between the winery owner and a dedicated park ranger. Concerned about the dwindling population of glow worms in their natural habitat, this collaboration led to the creation of an artificial sanctuary, meticulously designed to mirror the optimal conditions for these luminescent creatures.

Immersive Exploration

Guided by insights from biologists, the caves were crafted to provide a nurturing habitat for glow worms, while also offering an immersive experience for visitors. Guided tours through the caves not only unveil the mysterious world of glow worms but also shed light on their behaviour and ecological significance. Beyond preservation, the goal is to educate and redirect attention away from wild sites to prevent further harm to these enchanting creatures.

Meet Tour Guide Robin

At the heart of the Glow Worm Caves experience is Robin Rowland, a passionate tour guide whose fascination with animal behaviour makes working with glow worms a truly captivating experience. With a background deeply rooted in understanding the intricacies of nature, Robin shares insights into the unique aspects of the caves and the creatures that inhabit them. Visitors are not only treated to the spectacle of glow worms but also have the opportunity to explore Frog Hollow, a wildlife exhibit showcasing native frogs and insects, enriching their understanding of the ecosystem.

A Magnet for Diverse Visitors

Drawing in a diverse array of visitors—from backpackers to families—the Glow Worm Caves offer an educational and family-friendly atmosphere that appeals to all. Even during rainy weather when outdoor activities may be limited, the caves provide a unique adventure, fostering curiosity and wonder among visitors of all ages. For Robin, the joy lies in interacting with inquisitive visitors, particularly children eager to unravel the mysteries of glow worms and nature.

Conservation and Beyond 

Beyond the confines of the caves, Robin is deeply committed to the conservation of Tamborine Mountain's rich biodiversity. Engaged in wildlife rescue efforts, Robin plays a vital role in safeguarding the region's unique species, and contributing to the preservation of its natural heritage. Exploring the area's natural wonders, such as Curtis Falls, Robin shares these experiences with visitors and locals alike, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them.

Get Glow Worm Tickets

Let the magic of the Glow Worm Caves on Tamborine Mountain unfold before you. Whether you're an avid nature enthusiast or a first-time visitor, this is an opportunity to connect with the Gold Coast's natural beauty and witness a spectacle that leaves an indelible mark.

By following these tips, you're guaranteed an unforgettable day at the Glow Worm Caves on Tamborine Mountain. Securing your spot is a breeze when you buy your ticket online. Get the best rates, flexible tour times, and the chance to optimise your Tamborine Mountain visit. 

For more information contact us on 07 5545 1666 or via email glowworms@cedarcreekestate.com.au.


Waitomo Glowworm Cave, New Zealand

Known as the best cave to spot Glow Worms in the wild, the Waitomo Glowworm Cave is located on the North Island of New Zealand.  It is home to the Arachnocampa luminosa Glow Worms that cover the ceiling of the cave like stars. For visitors to witness this breathtaking scene, they will need to go 150 feet below ground.

Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park, Australia

The Australia’s largest population of Glow Worms can be found in Natural Bridge. Glow Worms can only be seen at night, and are best from December to March. Unfortunately, like all other wild Glow Worm colonies in Queensland, tourism at Natural Bridge is threatening the survival of the Arachnocampa flava Glow Worms, due to continual disruption of their natural light cycles and damage from hundreds of tourists visiting the site nightly. 

Dismals Canyon, Alabama, USA

The North American Ofelia fultoni, also known as Dismalites, are the reason for the blue green glow of the dark forests and caves in the Dismals Canyon. Visitors may be lucky enough to see the beauty of these illusive bioluminescent creatures at night with a guide during spring and summer time. 

Te Anau Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Cruising along Lake Te Anau in a small boat will lead visitors to the narrow Glow Worm grotto. The shiny sparkling ceilings of the Te Anau Glowworm Caves can be viewed either day or night.  Visitors may need to bend upon entering the caves due to narrow limestones passages which are still being sculpted by the river until now.

Melba Gully, Great Otway National Park, Australia

Glow Worms ideally inhabits in dark, dense, and humid places. Hence, the Melba Gully known as the “Jewel of the Otways” is the perfect habitat for these glowing creatures. They can be seen at night glowing on ledges and along walking tracks. Visitors are advised to cover their lights as artificial lights near the insects cause them to hide their glow. The best time to witness this starlight beauty is during the wetter months of the year – December to March.

Wellington Botanic Garden, Wellington, New Zealand

Visiting the capital of New Zealand? Don’t miss a chance to witness glow worms in the Botanic Garden located in the heart of the city. You can visit anytime as the garden is free for everyone, but the sparkling insects are best watched after it has rained on spring nights.  

Hokitika Glow Worm Dell, New Zealand

Just a minute walk from the road, you can enjoy a mini fairy land scenery in the cutest Glow Worm dell in Hokitika. The glow is present year-round but only in the dark. Don’t forget to bring your own torch but never shine your light on the insects. 

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